Game 6

The frizzle creature is in the deep ocean. As in the previous games, he must collect all the frizzy creatures together with some shiny stars. Be aware of the marine animals such as fish and octopuses Don't forget to collect all the frizzy creatures before reaching the levels exit tunnel. Use the left and right arrow keys/buttons to move.


  • Game 1

    Game 1

    The first game of Frizzle Fraz. Fraz Jumps in the forest collecting keys and rescuing little Frizzles.

  • Game 2

    Game 2

    In the second game of Frizzle Fraz, Fraz continues the adventure through levels while avoiding bad creatures

  • Game 3

    Game 3

    The third Frizzle game brings better graphics and new levels to the great adventure.

  • Game 4

    Game 4

    Game number 4 of Frizzle Fraz with new levels in a cold and snowy weather but with wonderful and fun new adventures.

  • Game 5

    Game 5

    Fifth Frizzle Fraz game with new levels this time in the arabian world. Be aware of the flying hipos, hot coals and rhino mummies

  • Game 6

    Game 6

    In the sixth Frizzle Fraz game, the little cute creature arrives to the sea where he meets his friends among many other marine animals